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Creative Designs by Micheline custom cakes, custom jewelry, cookies, cards

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Cake sizes:

  • Round or Square
  • Quarter, Half  or Full sheet
  • Specify the shape and how many tiers (custom shapes available upon request)
  • Prices are based on designs, decorations (flowers, butterflies, sea shells, figures, trim, etc...), size and servings                         starting from $3 per serving and up.
  • Dummy cakes are available at a minimal charge 
  • Cupcakes (start at $3.50) 
  • Cookies (start at $2.25)
  • Cake Pops (start at $2.00)
  • 3" Mini cakes (start at $5.50) are all available for special order.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Prices will vary according to your custom order.

Buttercream flavors: (can be used to cover a cake and for the filing in-between layers)

                       Chocolate or Vanilla

                       Swiss-style meringue buttercream (less sweeter than regular buttercream)

​                      White ( butter, coconut, lemon, mint, vanilla mocha latte or fruit filing)

Any flavor, any color, inside or out!

Cream cheese with Mascarpone cheese

​Cannoli cream (with chocolate chips)

Chocolate fudge icing 

Chocolate Ganache  (white, milk, dark)

​Fondant (specify color)

Homemade Preserve Jams (for Gluten free and Vegan cakes-depending on

                               what's in season:  Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, etc)

Whipped cream icing

White chocolate cream cheese

Decorations and Fillings

Cake Flavors

Please inform us of any food allergy (nuts, gluten, etc...). We will do our best to accommodate you. If you don't see what you like, please ask.  We now have VEGAN cakes and delicious homemade jam preserves for fillings.

Carrot (with or without nuts)



Double chocolate

Red velvet

Vanilla or Lemon sponge (made with oil, no butter)

Golden Vanilla Butter (similar to a pound cake)

Vegan or Gluten-Free Chocolate/Vanilla

Moist and Fluffy White Cake (no yolks)

​White chocolate 

​Or any custom flavor you like