Holiday themed

These delicious Pink Champagne buttercream cupcakes are embellished with gold and pink dust, chocolate high heel shoes and bags in handmade candy.

Marshmallow pops covered in white chocolate and decorated as unicorns. Wrapped to go to the party.           $1.25 each

Cupcakes decorated with chocolate  embellishments

Apple pie cupcakes.

Regular size

Red velvet cupcakes with fresh fruit.

Made to look like roses, bridal pops, or anything you wish!

Bakery specializing in custom made cakes, cookies, cupcakes, qilled greeting cards, custom Jewelry, Cake pops

 Cake Pops: $2.00-$2.50 each   (DEPENDING ON DECOR)

Mini cupcakes

Chocolate handmade  butterflies

(left)...We now have the latest in Russian tip decorating. Beautiful 2 tone flowers.

See below our NEW Cake Pops, all custom made.