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Grad cake-3tier  priced at $325

Chocolate cake with mocha fudge filling. White chocolate ruffle flower...

price: $65

Garden themed Chocolate cake, with fresh raspberries and creme fraiche filling.

price: $70

Solar system chocolate cake 

Priced at $65

Baby onesie cake-price: $90

Chocolate fudge with chocolate ganache cake and peppermint filling.

price: $65

VEGAN chocolate cake with ho​memade raspberry preserves.

Louis Vuitton Bag

price: $ 650

Gibson Guitar- ​price: $ 275

Snoopy cake priced at $85

My Little Pony cake: priced at $250

Marvel Cakes priced at $90

Geode "semiprecious" stone cake. This one is garnet gems and rose quartz rock.

Priced at: 85.00

Mirror-glaze Technique- New Cake!

(Can be made in any color)    ​   price: $65

Bar & Bat Mitzvah cakes- "Mazel Tov"

3D Chanel bag-price $150

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Gucci Bag (gluten free)​  price: $ 325

Hockey cake- price $60             Sports balls  price $50

Under the sea cake w/ jellyfish and chocolate sea candies.

Price: $ 75

​LV hand painted cake with hot pink, vanilla bean filling: priced at $275

Dragon in a Castle w/ chocolate dragon and embellishments.

price: $125

Maserati Car- price:$450

3D cake.  In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the movie "Jaws" !​                    price: $275

3D custom made, specialty cakes

Creative Designs by Michelinecustom cakescustom jewelry, cookies, cards

Eagle Scout 

priced at $325

Fender guitar priced at $275

"VEGAN" 1/2 sheet cake w/ fresh raspberry filling. All hand sculpted animals.

priced at $475 

NYPD and FDNY handmade 3D logos, this one is Vegan, (fresh raspberry filling)

priced at $ 225 (hand sculpted emblems)

These custom 3D cakes can be for any occasion. The popular  "groom's" cake is a new classic.  If you have an idea, we promise to do our best to accommodate you.

Lion Cake: priced at $550

Graduation Cakes

Girl's Bag-Gluten Free

 price:$ 65