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                                               Holiday Desserts Price List

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American cheesecake ($30 plain, $40 for flavored) -chocolate marble, chocolate, mocha, mint, lemon, orange liquor flavor or any liquor flavor, fruit topping…

Apple crumb ($25)

Apple with or without raisins ($22)

Blueberry crumb ($25)

Blueberry pie ($22) 

Chocolate cream ($22)

Coconut custard pie ($28) 

Italian cheesecake ($45)- ricotta cheese

Pumpkin cheesecake ($35)

Pumpkin pie ($22) 


Black and whites ($25/doz.)

Cheesecake cookies

Chocolate chip

Chocolate chip-oat with cranberries

Chocolate espresso snowcaps 

Coconut macaroons- plain or chocolate dipped

Italian biscotti- with pistachio/cranberries or almonds ($30/doz.)

Italian Fig ($24/doz.)

Italian Pignolias cookies ($28/doz.) 

Kookie Cakes $4 each (any flavor)

Madeleines- regular or mini coconut

Oatmeal cookies-with cranberries, choc chips and/or raisins

Peanut butter 

Pumpkin cookies w/ maple drizzle 

Shortbread- plain, lemon, lavender or chocolate dipped

Sugar cookies–
any shape, any decoration


Brownies($20/doz. 2x2 inch pieces)- choc chip, mint or peanut butter


Profiteroles or Cream Puffs–plain or chocolate dipped, filled with Bavarian cream! ($20/doz.)


We also do cupcakes and muffins to order. Call for pricing.

Custom orders are also welcomed.